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Travel & adventure

Make tracks in Avignon

There is something timelessly romantic about a long weekend in Provence. But just as I love the South of France, so too do I hold a special place in my heart for long, fast train journeys, particularly when they take me through unfamiliar countryside. That’s why, when I heard of the new direct Eurostar route […]

Top five places to eat in Seville

Never mind the Alcazar and the Giralda… when you take a break somewhere like the Andalusian city of Seville, one of the main attractions is good food. But, like many wonderful places, this Spanish hotspot attracts lots of visitors and thus has its fair share of tourist traps. On a recent visit (September 2016), my […]

Travel tips for St Lucia (Caribbean)

Situated only 200 miles north of Venezuela, between the islands of St Vincent, Barbados and Martinique, this 238 square mile tropical haven is small, diverse and unforgettable. Saint Lucia’s Best Beaches Granted, they aren’t to everyone’s taste – my mother wasn’t a fan – but I loved the dark volcanic sand beaches on the island. […]

Quadrathlon anyone?

It is 9am when we set off our bikes, beginning with a steep climb out of the resort grounds. Our eyes are set on hotel fitness instructor and our race guide for today, Keon, a man hewn out of solid rock. His muscles blink in the sunshine as we cruise along the tarmac but apart […]

Dancing on ice in Norway

As a downhill skier, I’ve often made fun of the dancing action – think: Michael Jackson’s ‘moonwalk’ – required by these unstable, skinny skies, and yet here I am, years later, struggling to get to grips with the heel-raise-and-push movement required to master ‘Nordic classic’ style cross country skiing. Despite how isolated it feels out […]

Riding the yoga wave

Most travellers know that the North African town of Taghazout (pr. Tarrazoot) is virtually synonymous with surfing. Well-informed hipsters have been riding waves in these Moroccan shores since the early noughties. This influx of boardies was largely due to the launch of surfing holiday and retreat company, Surf Maroc in 2003. Founded by husband and […]

In a sea of contradictions

Turn on a Church radio station in Malta and you can listen to the Rosary, or The Horoscope, and Miley Cyrus within minutes of each other. To us it might seem strange, yet this is typical of this small island just off Sicily, so full of contradictions that it almost makes a strange kind of […]

Posh hostels in Lisbon

I knock hesitantly on the hostel door. Surely there’s been a mistake; I knew the Travellers House was ‘centrally situated’ but  this is amazing, slap bang in the middle of all the action on one of Lisbon’s most iconic strips, the pedestrianised Rua Augusta. Ahead of me is a grand archway that leads out into […]

My kind of nuclear physics

Could a radioactive cave near Salzburg be an all-purpose cure for injury and affliction? I took my injured hamstring to Austria to find out. Lying on a sunlounger in a narrow, humid cave inhaling low levels of naturally-occuring Radon gas might not be the most obvious solution to natural pain management… But 11,000 people (45% […]

Riding through Mallorca

“Coffee and pastry stop twenty minutes away,” comes a Spanish voice behind me. My thighs are burning and I’m straining for breath, pushing down on the pedals with every last ounce of energy I’ve got. I take a quick look around to remind myself why I’m doing this. Within a second, I remember – on […]