Health & wellbeing

Health & wellbeing

Mushroom medicine

No need to mutter about your mushroom habit; these days announcing that you’re a fungi lover will get you a reputation as both health conscious and on trend. Praised by functional medicine experts and nutritionists for their medicinal properties, these miniature pharmaceutical powerhouses have (quite literally) mushroomed in popularity, with sales of Rawligion’s Brain Milk […]

Seven things you will be eating in 2017

It’s time to ditch the avo – there’s a new superfood in town. And a new Matcha. Meet the seven ingredients you need in your shopping basket in 2017.   Protein-packed cricket crisps; black raspberries containing three times the antioxidants of blackberries; and a cheesy nutritional yeast product called nooch, favoured by vegans. These 2016 […]

Don’t go for the crash-and-burn

It’s a familiar slippery slope into exhaustion, starting with a big professional project, forcing you to work late night after night, relying on caffeine and sugar to get you through. Add to the mix endless social engagements and early morning, punishing gym sessions to try and counterbalance all that unhealthiness. But you’re still coping, for […]

Can exercise make you ill?

Unless you’ve been hidden in a cave somewhere with no access to either the internet or other humans, you’ll know that exercise is now widely regarded as a wonderdrug. It improves heart and lung function; reduces blood pressure; helps us stay trim; aids good sleep; enhances self esteem and, a recent study suggests, can even […]

The dangers of a perfect diet

There’s no doubt about it: eating healthily is an important part of achieving all-round wellbeing. Yet anything and everything, however positive and sensible, can become distorted or perverted when taken to extremes. So, today, in advance of National Eating Disorders Awareness week (23rd Feb – 1st March), I’m looking at what happens when healthy eating […]

Do you dread the day ahead?

Imagine waking up, every morning, with the sense that something terrible is about to happen. Everything you need or want to do has some kind of fear and anxiety attached to it: you start to panic about the dangers of getting on the tube; during the course of your journey, you battle dizziness and hyperventilation; […]

Money worries…

People have been known to steal it, gamble it, hoard it and even kill for it. Regardless of how much you have and what you think about it, everybody has a relationship with money. And understandably so – money dictates the kind of life we lead, where we live, travel, shop, what we eat and […]

Mindful Yoga – tautology or necessity?

Not yet heard of Mindful Yoga? That’s probably because until very recently, it didn’t exist. Not explicitly at least… Rather, the notion of mindfulness in yoga – being present, accepting limitations and focussing on the breath – was as important as the asana (postures) themselves. But an exponential increase in yoga’s popularity and availability, alongside […]

Mind over water

It is seven o’ clock on a late September morning and I am moving through water, half way across a sheltered bay near Sivota in Greece. In the corner of my eye I can see a faraway speed boat, pulling a waterskier off in the other direction. Soon I’ll head up 150 steps to my […]

Drunk on life

Booze and Britain. For a long while, us Brits have been known for our love of alcohol as much as our love of sarcasm. When we celebrate a success, we head to the nearest bar. When we feel upset (with work, our families, the weather) we hit the pub. For centuries it seemed our way […]

So what is Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a type of healing treatment, much-loved in particular by the Welsh rugby team, that uses extreme cold to stimulate the body’s natural responses, reducing pain and inflammation. I’ve never played a game of rugby in my life but I have just returned from an intensive 9-day training camp in the tropics […]