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Bodyweight is back

Lucy Fry explores the growing trend of Calisthenics.   Why not drop that dumbbell for a moment. Just when everybody, everywhere, finally agreed to the manifold benefits of weight training, it’s time to consider stripping the plates off the bar and hanging your bodyweight from one instead. Why? Because Calisthenics – the name generally given […]

‘It’s like walking through fire’ – the rise of competitive fitness

From log carrying to trail running, events such as Tribal Clash and CrossFit are growing fast. What’s the appeal of this hardcore approach to training?   You probably didn’t notice but at the end of this summer, on the sandy beach of Bantham near Kingsbury in South Devon, 960 men and women gathered for a […]

Fit for a Festival

Nine years ago I lay on the grass at V-festival in Essex whilst listening to throaty Scottish rocker, Paolo Nutini, sing a jazzy tune about a pair of new shoes. Glass of Prosecco in one hand, cigarette in the other, an unplanned nap followed shortly afterwards after which I awoke in the early evening to […]

Tears and triumph

Record numbers are signing up for to Triathlons for the ultimate physical challenge – but what’s the personal impact of this high intensity sport? Lucy Fry found out…   I’m running through deep, dank mud whilst the wind blows hard against my face. Blighted by Northumbrian rain, just lifting each foot takes supreme physical effort, […]

Is this yoga? It’s a bit of a stretch …

There are few exercise styles left these days that haven’t had the word ‘yoga’ slapped on the end to give them a shiny newfangled edge. Since I started practising eight years ago, I’ve noted Runners’ Yoga, Triathletes’ Yoga and Boxing Yoga (punch, punch, Oooooommm) as well as other variations on a theme: Loaded Yoga (wearing […]

Conscious clubbing with a strong heart beat

It is 11am on a Tuesday morning in South East London and I am an hour into my first 5 Rhythms session, dancing my way through Chaos. My induction to this free-style 90-minute movement class has thus far been safe, swift and relatively sanguine. After a 20 minute warm up, we move on to the […]

Why I joined the ladies who punch

Have you ever had a single thought that turned into something life-changing? Mine came on 9th August 2012 when I sat on my sofa and watched in awe as 29-year-old Nicola Adams fought her way to a gold medal in boxing for Great Britain in the first ever Olympic games to include women’s boxing. What […]

Round one to women boxers

It’s 7.30pm on a Friday night and I’m tucked away in the corner of York Hall, Bethnall Green, London’s oldest boxing venue which, tonight, is hosting ‘London Calling’, an evening of white collar boxing. I hardly recognise myself; I am a fighter; my shoulder muscles flicker when I move and my triceps poke threateningly out […]

The pros and cons of Crossfit

I’ve never been a team player, nor the kind to whoop my way through exercise, but standing here in a huge Battersea warehouse in London’s newest Crossfit space, I find myself aggressively screaming encouragement at my partner as she completes the final set of our team workout. We only met today, but already I’ve been through […]

The Crossfit conundrum

It’s not every day that I write about the pros and cons of a particular sport but first have to explain the rules. Yet so young is the subject of this week’s column – the self proclaimed ‘sport of fitness’ known as CrossFit – that many people have yet to truly understand how it works. […]

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the moment

I get to forty five seconds before I break, opening my mouth wide and taking a precious lungful of air with a disproportionate sense of desperation. The other members of the group are still going – each of us lying on wood floor in a dojo, eyes closed, trying to remain relaxed. We’re in the […]

Free your mind and body with Parkour

Say the word Freerunning to most people and they’ll reference the daredevil high speed chase (over rooftops, walls and up a crane) in the opening sequences of the Bond Film, Casino Royale. But there’s far more to this cheap and community-led movement discipline, also known as Parkour, than adrenalin and kamikazi jumps. It all started […]

Flying high

There is no easy way of jumping from a thirty foot platform and swinging through the air like Tarzan. Not for me anyway, who, at 33 years old, has only spent a few days in a pseudo-jungle a decade ago without a trapeze in sight. Of course I had dreamt of possessing natural talent but […]

From tri-phobic to tri-hard. My year in the exhilarating and addictive world of triathlon

It all started with a tropical open water swim where I beat one of Britain’s greatest female freestyle swimmers to the finish. Admittedly, ex Olympian, Becky Adlington, had leapt into the Caribbean waters as an afterthought. Terrified of the sea, she had travelled to Palm Island in the Grenadines to coach a group of journalists […]

5 tips for surviving your first season in triathlon

Consider hiring a coach. Even if it’s just someone who can help you, remotely, to plan a training programme and answer any questions you have (there will be many) as and when they come up. Build distances slowly. Many of those drawn to triathlon tend to be all or nothing people. But the all approach, […]

Getting fit? It’s as easy as falling off a log …

This January, I’m rejecting all quick-fix, ascetic options and going wild with my New Year’s resolution. No, that doesn’t mean I’m aiming for cheetah-like running speeds, nor even preparing to kill my prey before munching it – I’m simply making a continued committment to being more self-sufficient; to listening to my body and responding to […]

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