The art of Therapy

Art Therapy is for everyone and not just kids and ‘arty’ types.   Last year I painted pictures of my panic attacks. I couldn’t find the words to describe what I had felt, stuffed into a tube [...]


Mushroom medicine

No need to mutter about your mushroom habit; these days announcing that you’re a fungi lover will get you a reputation as both health conscious and on trend. Praised by functional medicine [...]


7 things you need to know about Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Many people think Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is just a wooly diagnosis given to a person who can’t stop fretting. Yet GAD symptoms can vary hugely in their severity and scope. It’s more [...]


How well do you know your Pressure Gauge?

Some people can’t get enough of it whilst it makes others want to hide under a rock. Whatever your feelings about pressure, though, the chances are you’re familiar with it. Here are some ideas on [...]


Hungry? Tired? Sore? I’ve got just the smoothie for you…

A few years ago the Smoothie was King of Liquid Food Land, but recently it’s been knocked off its perch due to complaints of excessive sugar. But if we’re cautious about what goes in them, [...]


Shake it out

Teetotal Lucy Fry discovers the healing power of dance…   It is 9am on a Saturday morning when I walk onto the dance floor at my first ever sober rave. Immediately I feel my body stiffen [...]


Seven things you will be eating in 2017

It’s time to ditch the avo – there’s a new superfood in town. And a new Matcha. Meet the seven ingredients you need in your shopping basket in 2017.   Protein-packed cricket crisps; black [...]


The ART of injury treatment – active release techniques

If you’ve got an injury, or just a petulant niggle, it’s often tempting to ignore it. For many of us who do seek treatment, the progress can be frustrating; things get noticeably better, but the [...]


Mind over water

It is seven o’ clock on a late September morning and I am moving through water, half way across a sheltered bay near Sivota in Greece. In the corner of my eye I can see a faraway speed boat, [...]


Don’t go for the crash-and-burn

It’s a familiar slippery slope into exhaustion, starting with a big professional project, forcing you to work late night after night, relying on caffeine and sugar to get you through. Add to the [...]

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